Our Shows...


Host: Stan MacDonald

Tune in on Monday evenings at 4:00PM and when you hear "Somewhere over the Rainbow: by Brother Iz you will know Stan is in the studio. Stan Plays mostly laid back easy listening stuff however be prepared for anything from time to time. Requests for the show should be posted in Stan; Laid Back Facebook group, or inboxed privately to Stan throughout the week, however, it is NOT a request show. Hope you tune in and thanks for listening!.


Host: Charis Maloy

A distant relative of the Tardis, RBI's time machine seems to have a fondness for the golden age of rock n' roll. To date, we have been transported directly through time to a sock hop in the 1950's in the very building that we broadcast from; we have been transported through time and space to Redondo Beach on the Pacific Coast for a gathering of hot rods in the late 1960's; we even spent an evening in the 1940's with a roaring fire and listened in as a little boy tuned the radio dial and found some of those classic radio sitcoms. We are fine tuning the dials for important dates like Woodstock, and the Summer of Love, and trying very hard to find viable coordinates for a trip to the future. The Time Machine likes to dance, so mark your calender and climb aboard! Be sure to join The Time Machine on Facebook to request songs or join in Tuesday night hijinx!


Host: Kelly Russell

At 6:30 PM on Wednesdays, join us for a half hour of humor. This program features storytelling, recitations and comedy routines from Newfoundland and around the world. There is usually a visit from Uncle Mose (Ted Russell) with a Tale from Pigeon Inlet along with some Andy Jones, Buddy Wasisname, Bill Cosby or Monty Python. Whatever the selection, it is bound to provide a laugh and get you feeling good.


Host: Wayne Tucker

Recorded at CHMR "MUN Radio" in St. John's, this program is rebroadcast on Radio Bell Island weekly at 7 PM on Wednesday evenings. Host Wayne Tucker provides an excellent show as he explores and shares his extensive collection of Newfoundland Music on vinyl. These rare and histroic recordings are probably not heard anywhere else and Wayne often has a theme for each show plus interviews and informtion about the artists.


Host: Terry Skehans

This is our version of The Sunday morning Irish Newfoundland Music Show, although you are likely to hear a fair bit of Bell Island music as well. Every Sunday from 9:00am - 12:00pm

Conception Bay Morning

Host: Kelly Russell

News and Community info plus great music.


Host: Henry Crane

Tune in every Thursday from 4:00-8:00pm on Radio Bell Island 93.9 FM to a “Blast from the Past, with Henry.” The show is all about the old hits of the past, from rock and roll to a little bit of country and whatever else gets thrown into the mix. Sometimes there are guests and ghost stories and useful and useless trivia, but it is always fun. We travel back to your teenage years when you didn’t have a care in the world except thinking of the next weekend and spending it dancing with your #1 and having fun with all your friends. From jive, to jitterbug, Charleston to those slow romantic waltzes at the end of the night, you will hear it on a Blast from the Past. Tune in and don’t touch that dial for four hours of solid entertainment. Don’t dare move that dial from 93.9 FM on Thursdays from 4:00-8:00pm, because it is radio-active.


Host: Tonya Kearley-Russell

Hey Daddy-O! The Sunday Sultans of Swing is designed to smooth and sooth. It’s ear candy for all the cats and hipsters who need their tonic before diving back into the week. Join Tonya Kearley for swingin’ standards and cool beats every Sunday evening at 7:30pm .


Host: Kenny Stanford

Tune in on Saturday & Sunday to Kenny’s Country, from 12 noon till 5:00 pm. Kenny hosts his popular Country Classic request show and will throw in oldies from the 50’s, 60’s & 70’s; also some Nfld. music from time to time. Kenny takes requests all day Saturday and from 12 noon to 2:00 pm on Sunday. Requests for the show can be called in to (709) 488-2901 or you can post a request on Kenny’s Country Facebook page at any time. The earlier the better for posting requests, so you won’t be disappointed as it gets very busy at Showtime. As County Kenny would say, “Until we meet again my friends 


Host: Amanda Crane

Murder and Mayhem with Amanda. Serial killers, mass murderers all have a place on this show. Listen in and be prepared to lock your doors afterwards with host Amanda Crane Thursday 8-9 pm


Hosts: Susan Boone, Tonya Kearley & Tanya Cudmore

A fundraising partnership between Radio Bell Island, Tourism Bell Island and St. Michael’s Regional High. Bingo Cards ($5 a book) are available at retail outlets all around Bell Island including Ridgeway Variety, Bayview Variety, Clover Farm, The Sub Shack, Minnie Janes Convenience, Clarkes Home Hardware, Norm's Irving, The Service Store,Crafts and Decor, Co-Op Bakery, Wabana Boys and Girls Club and St. Michaels High. There are 5 games to play... ACROSS THE TICKLE (2 straight lines), AROUND THE LOOP (the outside square), AROUND THE TOWN SQUARE (the inside square), X-MARKS THE SPOT (the letter "x") and lastly FULL CARD or jackpot game. The first four games are worth $200 dollars each and the final game, FULL CARD has an escalating jackpot that will be won if bingo is called within 50 numbers or less, after 50 numbers the prize will be $200. Once the Jackpot reaches it's limit of $8000 then the consolation increases depending on a percentage of sales that week. The consolation prize will be awarded to a winner each week, therefore will NOT escalate. Join hosts Susan, Tonya and Tanya in the Fun and win big with radio Bingo every Sunday evening at 6pm.

Our On-Air Personalities...

Stan Mcdonald

Stan MacDonald

Stan likes to say he is retired and living on a fixed income but don't believe everything he says. His connection to Bell Island is that he married Maggie Gear from West Mines (one of Tom & Marion Gear's daughters). He has had a summer home on Bell Island since 1989 and says he did the smart thing and permanently moved over in 1998. Stan is active in the community and contributes to its overall growth. RADIO is his media of choice and he believes that Radio Bell Island, with its strong dedicated team, is a very positive development that will enhance the future of this community.

Kenny Stanford

Kenny Stanford

Country Kenny is what he likes to be called by all his RBI listeners and friends. Kenny says he is the most eligible bachelor on Bell Island and judging by his “Kenny’s Country FaceBook Page” he sure does have a way with the ladies. Kenny was born and bred right here on Bell Island and wears that identity proudly. He says there is no better place to be on God’s green earth. He started with RBI in October 2013 and hasn’t looked back since. His greatest delight is to play tunes the listeners want and enjoy hearing. “I can’t believe the positive responses our listeners have posted on Kenny’s Country FaceBook Page. It just blows me away and I appreciate each and every one. I totally enjoy doing my show and the wonderful RBI volunteers. The community has a great station and the best listeners.” Country Kenny and Radio Bell Island would like to give special thanks to S&K Taxi for their ongoing, continued support providing Kenny with free transport to and from the station for his shows.

Terry Skehans

Terry Skehans

Terry Skehans Jr. was born on Bell Island where he attended and graduated from St. Michaels High School. Terry comes from a respected musical family, and has toured all over Ontario with bands such as Saucy Sam and the Scalliwags! Since returning home he has been busy promoting the local music scene, along with other productions, both on and off Bell Island. He has been involved in everything from sports to giving his time to local volunteer organizations. Some of his passions include researching and studying local music and news and playing with his duo "488," named after the phone numbers on Bell Island that begin with 488. They play live shows around the Avalon. Terry currently hosts “Tunes on the Tickle” on Saturdays from 5 to 8 pm where, from time to time, he features a special guest.


Henry Crane

Henry is a Bell Islander by birth. He went to school here and likes to say he married the smartest and prettiest girl on the island. He has been back on the island a number of years now and is been involved in everything from sports to most volunteer organizations. One of his passions is researching and presenting the culture, folklore and history of Bell Island. He writes plays and enjoys having the talented people on this island perform them for the public. Henry is also an instructor at The College of The North Atlantic and a parole supervisor and probation officer.


Kelly Russell

Kelly has been a member of many landmark groups including Figgy Duff, Wonderful Grand Band, and The Irish Descendants. Learning and recording the unique music of legendary fiddlers Rufus Guinchard and Emile Benoit, Kelly has inherited genuine status as a leading Newfoundland music performer. His recent work includes a solo show Tunes & Tales (music and Tales of Pigeon Inlet by his Dad, Ted Russell) and performances with Sean McCann of Great Big Sea, and bands Shanneyganock and The Punters. Kelly is the first ever recipient of the "Tradition Bearer" award from the N L Governments Historic Commemorations Program and recently honored with a Queens Diamond Jubilee Medal. Originally from St. John's, he now calls Bell Island hom

Susan Boone

Susan was born in St. John's but spent almost every weekend and holiday on Bell Island, eventually moving here in 1985. She moved to Cambridge ON for 7 years but returned here to raise her family, four girls ages 12-19 and one grand-daughter a year old. Susan works in home care, looking after the same two young men for nearly seven years. Her favorite music is traditional Irish/Newfoundland and she also sings, plays guitar and writes a few of her own songs. She believes that Radio Bell Island gives everyone in the community a chance to feel like they belong and to tell the stories that belong to us.


Charis Maloy

She's watched the sun rise in the desert, and pre-dawn fireworks off the L.A. Pier. She discovered snow in the Pacific Northwest, and humidity in the Bible Belt. After more than a decade of being sandblasted on the praries of Wyoming, she opted for a change, and has adopted Bell Island as her new home. She's completely enamoured with the island, and can often be found with her camera, chasing light, or clouds, or ice trying to capture the beauty of this place


Tonya Kearley-Russell

Tonya is the Vice-Principal of St. Michael's Regional High School on Bell Island and is an innovative activist and educator dedicated to the preservation and promotion of authentic Newfoundland cultural heritage. A forerunner in the traditional Newfoundland dance revival, she has been instructing traditional dances for many years at her "Dance Up!" show with musician husband, Kelly Russell. An active participant and coordinator within the cultural performance sector, she has orchestrated countless venues for traditional musicians both locally and internationally. Featured in numerous documentaries and broadcasts, Tonya has made a name for herself as the "Go-To-Gal" of Newfoundland Dance and Mummering.



From time to time various students from St. Michael’s Regional High will take to the airwaves and do a show. These programs are not necessarily at regular times and thus are not shown on the schedule. For example, you may hear Naomi Russell & Cameron Hibbs on a Tuesday afternoon, or Tamsyn Russell on a Wednesday afternoon, when the schedule clearly says “Newfoundland Music Playlist”. Consider them as “pleasant surprises” and “go with the flow”. After all, it’s Community Radio!